Personally Inscribed Books

Why a Personally Inscribed copy of Getting to Ellen?

Do you know someone who might be struggling with a personal crises or challenge? Would you like to tell that person you care? Or even more importantly, do you want to message, Hang in there! You’ll get through this. I believe in you!

Or maybe you just want to let someone special know that you’re proud of them or of how they overcame one of life’s hurdles.

You see, the main message in Getting to Ellen isn’t about gender change. Nor is it about despair or loss. Instead, Getting to Ellen is about the need to have compassion for one’s self–along with the knowledge that someone is worth the effort to change their life for the better–and how that compassion ripples to others. Simply put, one doesn’t need to be transgender to appreciate Getting to Ellen. 

Indeed, a non-transgender reader  recently wrote, “Your choice to love yourself and choose your true self helps everyone on the planet…Your story helped me process some of my own story. Thanks!”

Thus, coupled with a personal inscription that you dictate and I hand write, Getting to Ellen can make for a very special–and quite memorable–gift.  Certainly, it would be one-of-a-kind.

That alone is reason to order a personally inscribed copy!

How to Order an Inscribed Copy of Getting to Ellen

The value of working directly with an author is that you can request a specific personal book inscription. All it takes is emailing me:

I will email back and ask for the text of the inscription, the name of the person to whom you’d like the inscription made, an address to where the book should be mailed via the USPS, and some payment information. Within two business days, I will then ship the book to whatever recipient you desire.

It’s all very simple, actually.

And the cost?

$23.50, which includes Minnesota sales tax, handling and shipping.

It could just be the right gift for the right person at the very right time in their life.

Direct, Non-Inscribed Purchases

For those just interested in purchasing a copy of Getting to Ellen, there are many options.

Amazon and eBooks

Amazon Books, Kindle,  Nook  and Apple iBooks all carry Getting to Ellen.

  • If you desire to order a paperback version on-line, make sure to type in “Ellen Krug” in the search function on Amazon Books.  It will direct you to both the paperback and Kindle versions. 


  • In Minneapolis, two wonderful independent bookstores carry Getting to Ellen:  Magers & Quinn in Uptown (on Hennepin Avenue) and Birchbark Books  (near Lake of the Isles). Please patronize these bookstores and ask for my memoir!
  • In Minneapolis,  the Smitten Kitten on Lyndale Avenue carries Getting to Ellen.


  • In Cedar RapidsGetting to Ellen may be purchased at the Coe College Bookstore.
  • In Iowa City, Getting to Ellen is available at Prairie Lights Bookstore. 
  • In AmesGetting to Ellen can be found at the Iowa State University Bookstore.

Look for other announcements soon about where my memoir may be purchased. The marketing of Getting to Ellen is on-going!

Thank you for your purchases and support!


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